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Keep your Honda driving for longer with Genuine Auto Spares.

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Honda owners can rest assured that when you need a replacement part for your vehicle, Brookvale Spares can get it for you, at a great price. We source parts for all models of Honda vehicles, including passenger vehicles like the Civic, CRX, Jazz and Accord, as well as SUV’s like the CRV and HRV. Each of our parts are tested and inspected to ensure we’re providing you with a part that meets our high standards and will keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. We even guarantee that with standard and extended warranty options.

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Why purchase used Honda car parts?

Replacing your faulty or worn out Honda parts with used parts is good for your wallet and for the environment. Our parts are guaranteed to be reliable and genuine, meaning your vehicle runs smoothly, but without a hefty price tag. By using recycled parts, you’re helping us to minimise both your and our carbon footprint, reducing waste and the demand for manufacturing of parts each year.

Where are our Honda car parts sourced?

We source your used auto parts as you need them to guarantee quality and reliability. The majority of our stock is sourced from vehicle auctions we attend, held by trusted insurance companies. The vehicles, which have been damaged or written-off, are checked over by our mechanics, to note the kilometre reading, the overall vehicle damage and the parts inside. If the vehicle passes our tests, each part is then thoroughly cleaned and tested where possible before your purchase.