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Passenger vehicle and SUV Spare Parts Australia-wide

The cost-effective way to maintain your vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is costly, especially when you have an unexpected
breakdown or accident. That’s why Brookvale Spares has been in business
for over 30 years. Since relocating to Western Sydney from the Northern
Beaches, Brookvale Spares has been supplying the highest quality used car
parts for a range of vehicle makes and models, at a fraction of the cost of
buying them new. We get you back on the road in no time, and without
costing you a fortune.

Our team are experts in advising you on the best parts for your vehicle, and
what parts need to be purchased new, not second hand, for safety reasons.
Whether you need a part for a Volkswagen, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Honda,
Audi, Mercedes or Ford, we’ll find it. The wear and tear on your vehicle
depends on how you use it. Long trips and country driving will impact
differently on your vehicle to running around the local Blacktown area, and
some parts need replacing sooner than others. To help you understand what
the needs of your specific vehicle are, here are some things to consider:

  • What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?
  • What kind of driving are you doing?
  • Is your vehicle being used in the city, or are you driving it off road?
  • Are you using your vehicle to lift, tow and transport heavy objects?
  • How many kilometres are you putting on your vehicle annually?
  • What is the climate like where you’re driving?

We install your auto spares for you

Are you looking for auto parts or car wreckers in Blacktown? And do you need
the part installed too? We can do all that for you. Our Sydney workshop is
located in Smithfield, a short 20 minute drive from Blacktown. Here our
specialist mechanics will source the best part for your vehicle, install it and
ensure it’s integrating correctly with the engine.

Because we only source stock on a needs basis, we can guarantee that
you’re getting the best quality parts. All of our parts are reconditioned and
cleaned properly and if a part doesn’t meet our strict quality control standards,
we don’t use it. This means you’re getting genuine spare parts for a fraction of
the cost of buying them new.


Spare parts are more environmentally friendly

Reusing perfectly good used auto parts is not only the most cost effective way
of maintaining your vehicle, it’s also the most environmentally friendly. We
source our spare parts from disused vehicles at car auctions across Sydney,
and recycle up to 82% of a vehicle, which would have been going to landfill.
By recycling quality parts we’re able to minimise landfill and production of
more new unnecessary parts, at the same time as getting you back on the
road safely.

Have peace of mind with our warranty guarantee

When you’re searching for Blacktown auto wreckers and spare parts online,
we understand that you usually need a part fairly quickly to get you back on
the road. But you also want to be confident that the part you’re getting is
quality and will last you a long time to come. That’s why we have our warranty
guarantee, for your peace of mind. Over our three decades in the industry,
we’ve developed a very strict system for sourcing and testing parts, so we can
guarantee the age, condition and future performance of the parts. Mechanical
parts are all test driven, and engine parts bench-tested.

We have a  minimum three-month, unlimited kilometre warranty, as well as
our extended 6-month, 12-month and 2-year extended warranties, so you can
get the cover that’s most suitable to you.

How do we source your genuine auto spare parts?

Step 1: Used Car Search

Whatever part for whatever vehicle you’re after, we’ll source it for you;
whether it’s a Ford, Holden, Volkswagen, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Honda,
Audi or Mercedes. When you come to us looking for a part, our experienced
mechanics scour sale auctions, local dealerships and workshops to find the
parts in the best condition. Most of the parts we sell come from damaged or
written-off vehicles that have quality, near-new parts in them. Our team
checks the entire vehicle for the extent of damage and any residual wear on
the parts. If the vehicle is too damaged, or not up to our high standards, we
don’t purchase it. If you know the part you’re looking for, search our eBay store or contact us.

Step 2: Repair, Replacement and re-fit

Each of our individual parts are rigorously checked, including the kilometre reading, any damage and the damage on the vehicle it’s come from, to ensure it meets our safety and quality standards. For parts that pass our quality assurance tests, our mechanics in our workshop are specialists in spare parts reconditioning, ensuring everything we sell to you is of the highest standard. If something does happen however, each part is covered by our warranty.

Step 3:Delivery To You

If you’re located in Blacktown and looking for spare auto parts, we can either
install the part for you at your Smithfield workshop, or deliver it to you. We
understand that in many cases you need the spare part in an emergency
situation, so we can have it sent to you as quickly as possible. For some
customers undertaking a vehicle restoration or two, we can have the parts
delivered right to your door when you need them. Due to our regular business,
our shipping rates are competitive and always reliable. Learn more about our delivery service here.

Need some help? Speak to a mechanic now

Brookvale Spares doesn’t only supply used car parts, we’re also experts in the field. So if you’re not sure what part you exactly need, or there might be more than one option, speak to one of our specialist mechanics today. They will speak to you to find out exactly what it is that you need, and inform you right the way through the process, including what parts should be bought new for safety reasons and what can be bought second hand.To get started, speak to a Brookvale Spares Mechanic.